Why a Girls’ School?

“My education at Duchesne was socially and academically a perfect fit for me. I formed a close sisterhood with my classmates and made friendships I know will last a lifetime. Being at an all-girls school, no one is trying to impress anyone and people are truly themselves. Academically, I always felt comfortable and confident in my ability to participate and excel in my classes. I never had to ‘dumb down’ myself or deal with being distracted from my school work. I have carried over this confidence to my co-ed college courses, and I still find myself comfortable and capable to participate in class. Duchesne helped me to become a complete person who values education, spirituality and relationships.”
-Mary Wulff, Class of 2009

Duchesne students describe their experience at an all-girls’ school as demanding, exciting and life-changing. They confirm that:

  • Their voices are heard and their accomplishments are numerous.
  • They receive individualized attention and numerous opportunities to lead.
  • They are encouraged to focus on developing the very best in themselves while pursuing challenging coursework.

Students in all-girl classrooms confidently voice their opinions, ask thought-provoking questions and embrace new learning experiences and opportunities.

A growing body of research has documented what all-girls’ school educators have long understood: All-girls’ schools give young women a better chance at succeeding in college and in the world beyond.

A recent example of this research is the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies’ 2009 report on single-sex schooling and the transition to college. Based upon their nationwide blind study of female college freshmen, the UCLA researchers found that girls’ school alumnae start college with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Ten percent more girls’ school graduates rate their confidence in math and computer abilities high at the start of college compared to their peers from coed schools.
  • Girls’ school alumnae are three times more likely than their coed school peers to consider pursuing careers in engineering.
  • Girls’ school graduates rate their academic performance,public speaking, and writing skills more highly than do coed school alumnae.
  • More girls’ school graduates consider college a stepping stone to graduate school.
  • Girls’ school alumnae report they are more likely to stay informed about politics and participate in classroom political discussions than do their co-ed school peers.

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart is a school whose tradition of excellence in all-girls’ education dates back to 1881. Our students enjoy not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity. Girls are always our student leaders, athletes, artists, speakers and musicians. We hold our students to the highest expectations. Our students come to us as girls and leave as young women of conscience and confidence.