Visiting Duchesne

Shadow Days: open to 6th through 8th grade girls

We invite you to spend a school day with one or more of our current students. Prospective students will participate in a classroom discussions, an all-school liturgy or activity and live a day in the life of a Duchesne student. Shadowing is a great way for you to meet our faculty, administrators and students who will show you all that Duchesne Academy has to offer.

Our primary goal at Duchesne is to offer a superior education to each and every one of our 331 girls. We achieve that goal by providing a challenging learning environment with outstanding faculty and staff. Our classes encourage the sharing of ideas between the teacher and the student, as well as among the students themselves. We celebrate the diversity and backgrounds of all students and faculty. Our student body comes from 42 different zip codes, representing all parts of the metro Omaha area and surrounding communities. We strongly believe that education in the classroom is greatly improved by your experiences on the playing field, throughout club meetings, during community service projects, and in celebrations of Sacred Heart tradition.

We hope you will consider Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart as you make a decision about the best high school placement for you.


School Contact: Mrs. Lauren Aliano Mueller, Admissions Director 402-810-9966

How much advance notice is needed? Preferably at least one day

Who can set it up? A parent or student may call or email the Admissions Director.

Are there half or full day restrictions? 7th and 8th graders may come for a half or full day; it is suggested that 6th graders come for half day only, unless they are with a sibling. Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are the ideal days to visit; there are eight single block (40 minute) classes; Wednesdays and Thursdays are double block days, four classes, 80 minutes each.

Is there a restriction as to who can shadow in regards to grade level? 6th, 7th and 8th graders are welcome.

May the Duchesne student have more than one shadow at a time? One or two is preferable; if there are three, then two Duchesne students will “share” the three visitors.

What is the policy for high school students wanting to visit? Dean of Students must approve another high school student visit.

Dress code? No jeans, shorts or halter or tank tops.  Most shadows wear khakis, cords, a dress, or a skirt with a nice shirt, sweater or sweatshirt. Visitors will be advised if it is a full dress uniform day, and to wear an appropriate length dress or skirt.

Lunch costs? $6-$7 will cover both lunch and break time (snack bar); or student may bring a sack lunch

Restricted dates? After December 10th and May 10th (Semester review and testing days); National Testing Day in October; Field Day in May

Drop off & pick up policy: If visitor is being dropped off and picked up by parent, use the main circle drive entrance on Burt St. Check in with the receptionist. If the visitor comes to school with their Duchesne student nest, they need to check in at the Admissions Office.

How are shadows matched up? A visitor may request a particular Duchesne student or if she does not know anyone, she is matched up by academic interests or extra-curricula activities. A freshman or sophomore Duchesne student is recommended.

What should the visitor bring or not bring? A notepad & pen if they want to remember specific points about their visit; a paperback book in case their Duchesne host has a quiz. If a visitor has a cell phone, it must be turned off during the school day, when the visitor is above ground floor.