Network Exchange Program

One of the many Network programs available to students is the Exchange program. Qualified freshmen may apply to go on exchange to one of the other Sacred Heart high schools in the United States during their third quarter sophomore year or first quarter junior year. Students will live in a dorm if they choose one of the boarding schools for their exchange, or will stay with a host family in cities such as Seattle, New York, San Francisco or Miami. Other options include a three-week exchange at the Sacred Heart School in Montreal or Halifax, Nova Scotia or a two-week hands-on environmental experience at the Sprout Creek Farm in Poughkeepsie, New York, which usually takes place in January or February.


Juniors who have been accepted into the International Exchange Program spend three to five weeks during the summer months at one of the Sacred Heart sister schools in Melbourne or Brisbane, Australia or Auckland, New Zealand. Students live with a host family and attend school in their host city. Additional international exchange locations include Dublin, Ireland, Taiwan, with new schools being added annually.