Entrance Exam

What should I expect on the day of the Eighth Grade Entrance Exam?

Those who have pre-registered will be taken by the Student Ambassadors to one of the examination rooms. Phone registrations and walk-ins will check in at the front desk.

The exam lasts approximately three hours. At the end of the standardized exam, students will be given an essay question, with a thirty minute time limit.

Before leaving the exam room, each student will be given a packet. The packet contains the following information:

  • Important Information and Dates to Remember (deadlines, acceptance letter mailing date; scholarship delivery day; registration night)
  • Admission Information Form: application and $35 fee
  • Three Recommendation Forms: to be given to current math, science and English teachers
  • Mathematics Teacher Recommendation Checklist: to aid in the placement of math
  • Record Release Form: to be given to your current school. Transcripts, standardized test scores and attendance records are to be sent directly to Duchesne Academy.

When the testing is completed, 8th graders are invited to a lunch, giving them the opportunity to meet, visit with and ask questions of current Duchesne students.