Lunch Program

Sophie’s Kitchen

As a complement to Duchesne’s sustainability and wellness efforts the lunch program will focus on six areas: cost, education, nutrition, reduction of waste, sustainability, and taste.


  1. Cost: We understand that many food costs can quickly add up. At the same time, healthy, sustainable, and fresh foods cost money. By utilizing in-house resources, creative menu planning, local partnerships, and the generosity of donors, we want to offer lunch at an affordable price.
  2. Education: Scott Quinn, a current faculty member at Duchesne, will be in charge of the educational component of our food program. This will include family-style discussion lunches, integration with the Finding God in All Foods class, and a new digital platform to not only communicate but also educate on food sourcing, consumption, and practices.
  3. Nutrition: We plan to follow the somewhat boring, but tried and tested philosophy aptly summarized by Michael Pollan, “ Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
  4. Reduction of Waste: We have already made incredible progress with the implementation of composting. At the same, time there is room to grow. The new lunch program will utilize reusable or compostable materials whenever possible. Additionally, efforts will be made to reduce actual food waste (an estimated 30-40%, or more, of the US food supply).[1]
  5. Sustainability: Efforts to meet this goal are three-fold. First, a partnership with Lone Tree Foods will allow us to purchase a large amount of fresh produce locally. Second, a greater emphasis on seasonal foods will reduce the reliance on distant vendors. Third, increased efforts will be placed on utilizing the produce from our own garden.
  6. Taste: Taste is of course the central element to any food service, and we fully intend to continue offering a selection of tasty meals and treats.


Lunch can be purchased on a day-to-day basis. Sign-up and payment should be turned in a month prior; simply print a menu from the website, circle the days you want, and turn in with your money. OR, you can save money by committing to an entire month (as this helps reduces waste and thus cost).

  • Per Day: $5/day (Year Total: ~$750)
  • Monthly: $4.50/day (Year Total: ~$675)
  • Please make checks payable to Duchesne Academy.

Thank you all for your participation. We appreciate your trust in our efforts to offer your girls a safe and healthy lunch.

Please note: If you will be missing school for any reason, please choose a friend to gift your lunch to as there will be no refunds.

Please direct any questions to