Lunch Menu


The Cardinal Café


Dear Parents and Daughters,

As another school year quickly approaches, it is time to think about the lunch program. This is a private business dedicated to providing a quality lunch for your girls.

This year we are offering a meat choice, a no meat choice, or a complete salad bar. We operate on a pre-order/pre-pay format. We distribute a menu before the start of each quarter. If you choose to participate, we ask that your daughter fill out the menu by CIRCLING her daily choice. This year if you choose to participate, YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR LUNCH EVERY DAY. The cost of the lunches is $5.50 per day.

There will be a chance for girls to purchase lunch ALA CARTE, but the extras will be available after all participants have gone through the line and then, on a first come first served basis.

If you have an incoming freshman we welcome her to our program. Many of them have visited our popular Snack Bar and are familiar with our lunches.

Thank you all for your participation. We appreciate your trust in our efforts to offer your girls a safe and healthy lunch.

Please note: If you will be missing school for any reason, please choose a friend to gift your lunch to as there will be no refunds.

Please make checks payable to Cardinal Cafe and mail to:

Duchesne Academy
3601 Burt Street
Omaha, Nebraska

attn: Cardinal Café

You may direct any questions to my personal phone.

Home: 402-763-8585
Cell: 402-616-1453
Kitchen: 402-558-3800

Thank you again for your cooperation.

Nancy Dwyer Davis

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