Endowment & Scholarship

Each school year, several students receive scholarships and grants as a result of the generosity of the school’s many donors who have funded endowed and annual scholarships. The primary difference between these two awards is how they are funded:

Endowed Scholarships
The Endowed Scholarship Fund is the oldest endowed fund at Duchesne. A gift designated for this endowment fund (minimum of $25,000, also known as the corpus) is left intact in perpetuity, with the earned interest used to provide scholarships as designated by the donors. The histories of endowed scholarships tell beautiful stories about generosity, love and a caring concern for the future of Sacred Heart students.

Individuals are invited to contribute to these endowed scholarships with gifts added to the corpus. Your gift will join in the loving tribute to those for whom the scholarship has been established.

  • Tess Acuff Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathleen McCaffery Adams Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Gatewood Batchelder Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Thurmond Brownrigg Memorial Scholarship
  • Children of Mary Scholarship
  • Lucille R. Circo Memorial Scholarship
  • Collingwood Fund
  • Nora Condon Memorial Scholarship
  • Beverly Dillon Crotty Memorial Scholarship
  • Kelli Fitzgerald Draper Scholarship
  • Ann Marie Assmann Duffy Memorial Scholarship
  • G.W. ” Woody” and Jean M. Egermayer Scholarship
  • Joanne Fitzpatrick RSCJ Scholarship
  • Lois Flick Memorial Scholarship
  • Catherine Ann Foley Memorial Scholarship
  • Sheila K. Haggas Honorary Scholarship
  • Elizabeth McKim Hotz Hartigan Scholarship
  • Tish Gardiner Hawkins Memorial Scholarship
  • Dick and Peggy Herman Perpetual Scholarship
  • Peggy Martin Herman Memorial Scholarship
  • Katherine Schutz Kathol Scholarship
  • Deb Kouba Memorial Scholarship
  • Anne Madden RSCJ Memorial Scholarship
  • Margaret March Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty Wranic Marchese Memorial Scholarship
  • Marcil Family Scholarship
  • Mary Jo Martin Scholarship
  • Dorothy and Robert Matthews Memorial Scholarship
  • Diane Hanus McCabe Memorial Scholarship
  • Phoebe McCarthy Scholarship
  • McElligott Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Jane Mullin Meyer Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • Clifford J. Miller Foundation Scholarship
  • Adele Moore Memorial Scholarship
  • Sarah Jane Nelson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Nipp Family Scholarship
  • Vita O’Connor and Margaret O’ Connor O’Neil Scholarship
  • Sacre Coeur Honorary Scholarship
  • St. Cecilia Pastor’s Scholarship
  • St. Patrick Scholarship
  • Helen F. Proulx Memorial Scholarship
  • Ivel Jones Reed Memorial Scholarship
  • Daniel R. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Pat Ryan, RSCJ Alumnae Association Scholarship
  • Sacre Coeur Honorary Scholarship
  • Eugene Skinner Memorial Scholarship
  • Maureen and Patricia Tighe Scholarship Fund
  • Susan Boggust Zoucha Memorial Scholarship

In addition to these scholarships, Duchesne has been the recipient of three separate million dollar estate gifts that were designated to help students who could otherwise not afford a Sacred Heart education.

Annual Scholarships
Annual Scholarships are awarded each year based on gifts we receive for that year. These scholarships are not endowed.

  • Educators of the Sacred Heart Honorary Scholarship
  • Marie Ryan DeMott Memorial Scholarship
  • Courtney Ann Emery Memorial Scholarship
  • Harriet Paige Johnson Scholarship
  • Monnie Markel Honorary Scholarship
  • Kate Sommer Literary Scholarship

We are proud of all our students and are grateful to you for giving them the gift of education. To find out more about how your donation to any of these scholarship and grant programs can assist the students of Duchesne, please contact our Development Director: