Daily Announcements

20 November 2017

Operation Others is planning a fundraiser with the preschool.  Volunteers are needed to provide babysitting for preschool parents at Duchesne on Saturday December 2nd from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Please email Mrs. Swanson if you are interested in taking care of these adorable children! fswanson@duchesneacademy.org

College Representative:
December 1     Midland University – 11:10

Anna Fleming and Claire Donahoe are organizing a Christmas concert at Via Christe on December 2nd at 5:30. We would love as many performers as possible. You can play an instrument, sing, or sing and play an instrument! If you need a piano accompanist, we can provide one for you. Christmas songs are preferred. If you are able to participate, or have any questions, please email Claire Donahoe and Anna Fleming (both A’19).

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to participate in Creighton’s Emerging Leaders Seminar.  You’ll take a personal leadership assessment and learn about Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. It is a two-day commitment. The first session will be at Duchesne on December 27th from 9-2 p.m. The 2nd day is a symposium at Creighton in April with students from Mercy, Mt Michael and Prep.  All current student leaders, club and team captains are encouraged to attend.  There is no cost. Please email Mrs. Sgroi if interested. 

The 2018 Nebraska Leadership Seminar, Inc. is June 14th – 17th, at Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska.  Two sophomores from each school can register. The seminar’s curriculum activities are designed for students to explore and engage their leadership potential. Through our partnership with the Gallup Organization, the seminar uses strength-based leadership to guide students. Tuition for the 2018 seminar is $200.  NLS is entirely staffed by volunteers. The student fee covers the cost of room and board, transportation during the seminar, and all activities and materials. In the event that no funds are available and the student’s family is unable to cover the fee, financial aid can be applied for through NLS. For more information, go to www.nebraskaleadership.org. Contact Mrs. Sgroi if you are interested. 

The weight room will be open at 7:00 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tutoring Schedule:

Chemistry: Monday; 7:20 am – Health/Counseling Classroom

Brit Lit: Monday; Lunch – Study Hall

French II: Wednesday; 7:20 am – Health/Counseling Classroom

U.S. History: Thursday; Lunch – Study Hall

Spanish I, II, III: Friday; Lunch – Study Hall

Lunch: cheeseburger and tater tots


God our Father,
open our eyes
to the wonder
of all your creation
from the beauty
of all that is close to us, to the fascination
of far-away places
on our own planet and far beyond. Heighten our awareness,
deepen our understanding, and extend our horizons that we
may have respect for all that is around us and discover your kingdom deep within us. Amen.



     “I was carrying our money and papers in my pockets, but the string broke and everything, including my watch, fell into the snow.  We had a very hard time recovering our possessions and carrying them, for our hands were numb with cold and could not take hold of anything.  So we were very late in reaching Florissant because we had lost our way.  But we had to hurry with the work of preparing the chapel. Owing to the severe cold, the room intended for it had not been plastered.  We removed the lumber that had been piled there and hung sheets as a curtain behind the altar which we set up. At midnight Father De La Croix offered the Holy sacrifice of the Mass. (Philippine Duchesne, Louise Callan, rscj)


7:55-8:02         Advisory Group Homeroom

8:06-8:41         Block 1

8:45-9:20         Block 2

9:25-10:20       Feast of the Immaculate Conception Mass

10:25-11:00     Block 3

11:04-11:39     Block 4

11:39-12:10     Lunch

12:14-12:49     Block 5

12:53-1:28       Block 6

1:32-2:07         Block 7

2:11-2:46         Block 8